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FAQ about your teeth

Q. What Causes Tooth Decay?

A. Our modern diet. Sugar in our food is turned into acid by bacteria in the mouth. this acid eats away at the enamel of the tooth, eventually making hole in it.

Q. What is plaque?

A. Plaque is the technical name given to this sticky film of bacteria. it’s growing continuously on everyone’s teeth.

Q. what causes my gum to bleed sometimes when I brush my teeth?

A. Gum bleeding when brushing is certainly not because you brush too hard- rather that yo haven’t been brushing them thoroughly enough to remove all the plaque. The plaque that’s been left has has formed poisons which have inflamed the gum edges causing them to bleed. You can have have this inflammation without actually seeing or feeling it.

Q. But does it really matter if my gums bleed a little?

A. Yes! Because if the early signs of bleeding are ignored, a much more serious hidden condition can develop when the plaque spreads down between the gums and the teeth roots.  Eventually, the bone itself which holds the roots is eaten away so that the teeth become loose. This is the main reason why many people over 35 have their teeth extracted. So bleeding can be a very important first danger sign.

Q. How do I get rid of plaque?

A. Simply by proper brushing. This means that every tooth and all the gum edges must be brushed really thoroughly and regularly.

Q. How often should I visit the dentist?

A. Adults should make twice yearly visits, although three times a year is better for children. Evidence Based Practice is now telling us that these visits will be as the dentist feels best.


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