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Frequently Asked Questions

Dentist is the best doctor who can identify and treat teeth related disorders. Dentists at Celon Dental Clinic are one of best dentists in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State. We have expertise in the treating impactions (Wisdom teeth removal), Jaw Fractures, Cyst removal, orthogenetic surgeries and Dental Implants.

Dental Implants are meant to be for lifetime. But you need to maintain good oral hygiene and visit dentist regularly for checkups. Adding to that, Crowns placed on the dental implants may need replacement after 10 years.

The purpose of Root Canal is to save your tooth from removal. Root Canal is advised when the tooth is damaged or infected.

Generally, twice a year dentist visit is recommended. But, if you are at the risk of Dental health problems, you are advised to visit the dentist as regularly as possible.

Regular dental visits every year are recommended for all. But if you are having any dental emergencies such as jaw fractures, tooth pain, swelling, difficulty in opening mouth, tooth knocked out, and related issues then you are advised to immediately visit dental clinic like Celon dental.

When you make your first visit to Celon Dental Clinic, you are advised to take any previous medical prescriptions, blood reports and any previous dental procedure prescriptions. If you have any drug allergies, you have to promptly share the same with the Dentist. These will ease the dentists to identify your dental issue and design a treatment plan more efficiently.

Specialist at Celon Dental Clinic, offer you the best Orthodontic treatments. Our services include Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Self-ligating braces, Lingual braces, Clear aligners.

There are important things to consider for choosing a dental clinic. * Quality: Quality of services and quality of dental materials used in the treatments. Quality of services relates to expertise of dentist treating the patient. ** Experienced team: Dentists.


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